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Tender documents and Request for Proposal (RFP) documents can now be downloaded from this site. This will allow Vendors to access Requests for Tenders / Proposals at their convenience.

First locate the Tender/RFP that is required. Click on the "Reference" number. This will take you to a "Registration" page. By completing the Registration page, your organization will receive, automatically, electronic notices of when Addendums that are issued for that specific Tender/RFP. Once you complete the Registration information, you will be able to download the Tender/RFP document. Vendors will normally only have to register once as the system will store vendors email address. When a system notice of an Addendum is received, vendors must go back to the web site and download the Addendum for the specific Tender/RFP.

If Vendors experience any difficulties with downloading Tenders/RFP's, please feel free to contact the "Contact Person" indicated for the Tender/RFP listing.

Online Bids are now accepted for many tenders.

NNI – The Government of Nunavut NNI regulations (NNI – Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti) is applied to all competitive procurement processes. Contractors responding to Tenders or Proposals from this site should make themselves familiar with NNI at the following web link.

Procurement documents can be made available, upon request, in any of the 4 official languages (Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, French), of Nunavut. ᐅᓇ ᓂᐅᕕᖅᑕᖃᑦᑕᖕᓂᖕᒧᑦ ᑎᑎᖅᑲᖅ ᐊᑐᐃᓐᓇᐅᔪᓐᓇᖅᑐᖅ, ᑐᒃᓯᕋᖅᑕᐅᓗᓂ, ᓇᓕᐊᖕᓂᑐᐃᓐᓇᖅ ᐃᓕᓴᕆᔭᐅᓯᒪᔪᑎᒍᑦ ᑎᓴᒪᑎᒍᑦ ᐅᖃᐅᓯᖅᑎᒍᑦ (ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ, ᐃᓄᐃᓐᓇᖅᑐᓐ, ᖃᓪᓗᓈᑎᑐᑦ, ᐅᐃᕖᑐᑦ), ᓄᓇᕗᒻᒥᑦ. Una havaamut pidjutaut titiraq taiguarumagukni, apiriguvit, kitunik hitamauyut ilitariyauyut uqauhiinik (Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, Qablunatut, Uiviititut), NunavunmitCe document d'approvisionnement est disponible, sur demande, dans les quatre langues officielles (inuktitut, inuinnaqtun, anglais, français) du Nunavut.

CAUTION: This Tender/RFP Notification List is to provide interested businesses an opportunity to freely access tender information easily, and quickly. Users reading and using information on this list may do so at their own risk. The Government of Nunavut does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness of the information included therein. This list consists of those Tenders/RFPs that were reported to the Department of Community & Government Services, and may not be a complete list of all Government of Nunavut Tenders/RFPs. Closing dates are subject to change, and in the event that a discrepancy exists between information displayed on this list and the Tender/RFP document, the document shall govern.

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Future & Upcoming Announcements

To download document and addendums of a RFP/Tenders item, click the Ref # of that Item.

The following is a list of RFTs/RFPs that are currently open 

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And TimeElectronic Bid Submission
RFT:560000111 Fire Damage Repair PH Unit 174-A IqaluitIqaluit, NU2020-03-12John Hatfield867-897-3650 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 560000110 Fire Damage Repair PH Unit 2206-A IqaluitIqaluit, NU2020-03-12John Hatfield867-897-3650 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 110000483 Janitorial 1553 Federal RoadIqaluit, NU2020-05-22Maria Gumban867-975-7207 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 200627 Plumbing, General, Heating SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-06-01Eetuk Groves867-975-5438 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 110000814 Adobe Creative Cloud LicensesIqaluit, NU2020-06-02Maria Gumban867-975-7207 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 150561 Outboard Motors and AccessoriesValleyfield, QC2020-05-29Susan Noseworthy867-975-5434 12:00 ET Submit
RFT 293505 Various Stationary SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-06-03Joey Ford867-975-5468 14:00 ET Submit
RFT 560000123 Materials for Fire Damage RepairIgloolik, NU2020-06-03Denise Hatfield867-975-7200 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 215205 BootsValleyfield, QC2020-05-28Natasha Sheaves867-975-5428 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 282986 Town Crew EquipmentValleyfield, QC2020-05-28Natasha Sheaves867-975-5428 15:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2020024 QEC RFT 2020024 - House# 4041 Materials SupplyValleyfield, QC2020-05-21Justine Killulark 867-793-4241 14:00 ET Submit
200652 Shop SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-28Matthew Amarualik867-975-5363 15:00 ET Submit
RFP 110000757 Lease of Public and Staff Housing Units in all Nunavut CommunitiesNunavut2020-05-22Denise Hatfield867-975-7200 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 212096 Cork Boards and ToolsWinnipeg, MB2020-06-04Natasha Sheaves867-975-5428 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 295747 Cameras and MonitorsWinnipeg, MB2020-05-29Natasha Sheaves867-975-5428 15:00 ET Submit
RFP 2020-34 Heavy Equipment and Servicing EDT Nunavut Airports Division SOANunavut2020-05-14Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2020001 Pole Erection & Anchoring - 604, 501, 701Cambridge Bay, Coral Harbour, Iqaluit, NU2020-05-12Justine Killulark 867-793-4241 14:00 ET Submit
CT 2020-11 Ulaajuk School Boiler & Fuel Tank ReplacementPond Inlet, NU2020-05-22Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 110000797 Materials for Mould RemediationKimmirut, Rankin Inlet, NU2020-06-02Denise Hatfield867-975-7200 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 146869 Lenovo M75q Tiny Desktop PC ThinkCentre ModelIqaluit, NU2020-06-03Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 ET Submit
RFP 2020-37 Rankin Inlet Warehouse SpaceRankin Inlet, NU2020-05-26Joey Ford867-975-5468 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2020031 Office SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-28Samasuni Fortin867-979-7550 14:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2020028 Trailer DisposalSanikiluaq, NU2020-05-25Justine Killulark 867-793-4241 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 282803 Food & CondimentsValleyfield, QC2020-06-03Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 146866 Lenovo E495 LaptopsIqaluit, NU2020-06-03Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 215203 Institutional ClothingValleyfield, QC2020-06-04Natasha Sheaves867-975-5428 15:00 ET Submit
RFP 2020-38 Warehouse Space Iqaluit Iqaluit, NU2020-05-28Joey Ford867-975-5468 16:00 ET Submit
RFP 2020-22 Development and Delivery of Professional Development and Computer Courses, NunavutNunavut2020-03-06Sam Tilley867-975-5415 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 282805 Cleaning & Kitchen EquipmentValleyfield, QC2020-06-05Eetuk Groves867-975-5438 15:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2020033 Autodesk RenewalIqaluit, NU2020-06-05Samasuni Fortin867-979-7550
RFP 110000803 Review of Public Housing Rent ScaleNunavut2020-06-01Denise Hatfield867-975-7200 15:00 ET Submit
RFP 110000805 Review of the Nunavut Construction cost, allocation methodology, NDAP & economic leakageNunavut2020-06-01Denise Hatfield867-975-7200 15:00 ET Submit
RFP 2020-39 Office & Garage Space - Baker LakeBaker Lake, NU2020-06-05Joey Ford867-975-5468 16:00 ET Submit

The following is a list of unawarded RFTs/RFPs with information notices

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And Time
SCJAN-257897-1 Janitorial Services, Old Health Centre- Re-issuedTaloyoak, NU2020-05-05Natasha Sheaves867-975-5428 15:00 ET
CT2020-02 Airside Surfaces Rehab & Lighting UpgradeHall Beach, NU2020-04-03Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
CT2020-10 Annual Wastewater Access Vault & sewer Collections Line CleaningRankin Inlet, NU2020-05-08Don Galloway867-975-6846 14:00 ET
RFP 2020-33 Architectural & Engineering Services Kivalliq Seniors' Long-term Care FacilityRankin Inlet, NU2020-04-28Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET

The following contracts have been awarded in the past month:     (see last 5 years of history)

Ref NumberDescriptionFOB Point Or LocationAward Date
200653 Shop SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-06-05
RFT 294055-2 Plumbing SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-06-05
RFT 237657 Foot Care Products and related itemsOttawa, ON2020-06-03
RFT 262904 Plumbing and SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-06-03
RFT 255051 Furniture & ApplianceValleyfield, QC2020-06-02
RFT 282984 Institutional Clothing Valleyfield, QC2020-06-02
RFT 282987 System ContainersValleyfield, QC2020-06-02
RFT-550000118 Annual Resupply of Building & Maintenance Materials - NaujaatNaujaat, NU2020-06-02
200569-1 Shop Supplies Re-issueValleyfield, QC2020-06-01
RFT 257901-1 RETENDER - Various Stationary/Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-29
RFT 200575 Vehicle Engine & PartsValleyfield, QC2020-05-29
RFT 200646 Fuel Oil Tank 11000 Liter Valleyfield, QC2020-05-29
RFT 202146 Tremeears and Criminal CodeIqaluit, NU2020-05-29
RFT 222199-2 ATV TrailerValleyfield, QC2020-05-28
RFP 2020-01 Control Maintenance & Trouble Shooting ServicesNunavut2020-05-28
RFT 295724 ChlorineValleyfield, QC2020-05-28
RFT 282983 Recreational EquipmentValleyfield, QC2020-05-28
RFT 295710 Shop SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-28
RFT 295717-2 Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-27
RFT 295719 Door ClosureValleyfield, QC2020-05-27
RFT 295721 GlycolValleyfield, QC2020-05-27
RFP 2020-02 Duct Cleaning & MaintenanceNunavut2020-05-27
262885 Locksmith SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-27
RFT 200553-1 Electrical Supplies - Re-issueValleyfield, QC2020-05-26
RFT 203692 Fujitsu ScanSnap NewOttawa, ON or , Valleyfield, QC2020-05-25
NHC RFT 110000765 2020 Staff Housing Furnitures ReSupplyNunavut2020-05-25
CT 2020-04 Family Student Residence Foundation RemediationIqaluit, NU2020-05-25
RFT 283103 Food OrderValleyfield, QC2020-05-25
QEC RFT 2020005 QEC Staff Housing RenovationsResolute Bay, NU2020-05-22
RFT 186168 Pick up and transport Lumber from Cambridge Bay to OVAGOK ParkCambridge Bay, NU2020-05-22
RFT 268132 Furnitures & Related items Transient Housing IqaluitValleyfield, QC2020-05-22
RFT 277036 NP50 Prevention SurfaceOttawa, ON2020-05-22
290385 Food and Kitchen SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-21
RFT-550000113 Annual Resupply of Building & Maintenance Materials - ARVIATArviat, NU2020-05-21
RFT-550000114 Annual Resupply of Building & Maintenance Materials - BAKER LAKEBaker Lake, NU2020-05-21
RFT-550000115 Annual Resupply of Building & Maintenance Materials - CHESTERFIELD INLETChesterfield Inlet, NU2020-05-21
RFT-550000116 Annual Resupply of Building & Maintenance Materials - CORAL HARBOURCoral Harbour, NU2020-05-21
RFT-550000117 Annual Resupply of Building & Maintenance Materials - RANKIN INLETRankin Inlet, NU2020-05-21
RFT-550000119 Annual Resupply of Building & Maintenance Materials - Whale CoveWhale Cove, NU2020-05-21
RFT-550000152 NHC KDO Office Supplies & Equipment - ARVIATArviat, NU2020-05-21
RFT 200572 Shop SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 293059 Copy PaperValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFP 2020-29 Travel Coordination Services, Legal Services Board - Re-IssuedNunavut2020-05-20
RFT 200609 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 200611 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 200614 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 200600 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 200602 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 200604 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 200597 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-20
RFT 200569 Shop SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-19
RFT 200543 Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-19
RFT 290391 Food OrderValleyfield, QC2020-05-19
RFT 290392 Food Barge OrderValleyfield, QC2020-05-19
RFT 263816 Furnishing and Related itemsValleyfield, QC2020-05-19
RFT 283108 Various SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-18
RFT 154145 Cable, wire and lumberValleyfield, QC2020-05-18
RFT 200599 Vehicle SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-18
RFT 200553 Electrical SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-17
RFT 200552 Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
RFT 154141 JET A/B FUEL DRUMSValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
RFT 222199 ATV TrailerValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
RFT 226228 Office FurnitureValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
QEC RFT 2020010 Rankin Inlet Generator Filters Rankin Inlet Generator FiltersValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
262886 BurnersValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
262884 Plumbing SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
RFT 297849 Curtains & RodsValleyfield, QC2020-05-15
RFT 280858 Dinners sets and related itemsValleyfield, QC2020-05-14
RFT 289846 VehiclesSte Catherines, Valleyfield, QC2020-05-14
150726 RE-ISSUE PlowValleyfield, QC2020-05-14
255198 Food ItemsValleyfield, QC2020-05-14
262883 Copper CouplingsValleyfield, QC2020-05-14
RFT 200546 Black Iron PipesValleyfield, QC2020-05-14
RFT 262911 Fuel Tank 11,000 LitersValleyfield, QC2020-05-14
RFT 171059 Food OrderValleyfield, QC2020-05-14
RFT 262855 Maintenance MaterialValleyfield, QC2020-05-13
RFT 280856 FurnitureValleyfield, QC2020-05-13
RFP 2020-30 Office Space Whale Cove Whale Cove, NU2020-05-13
RFP 2020-31 Office Space PangnirtungPangnirtung, NU2020-05-13
CT2020-08 Health Center Fuel Tank ReplacementChesterfield Inlet, NU2020-05-13
RFT 285768 Shipping BoxesValleyfield, QC2020-05-13
RFT 295744 Test Sample Bottles and related itemsOttawa, ON2020-05-12
RFT 200547 PVC PlumbingValleyfield, QC2020-05-12
RFT 280857 Sheets, blankets & Related items Valleyfield, QC2020-05-11
RFT 262853 Maintenance MaterialValleyfield, QC2020-05-11
RFT 295711 Maintenance MaterialValleyfield, QC2020-05-11
RFT 295717 Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-08
RFT 200570 Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-08
QEC RFT 2019234 QEC RFT 2019234 RIC Electronics Charger and BatteriesValleyfield, QC2020-05-08
172255-2 Medical SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-08
262908 Burners, Motors and SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-08
QEC RFT 2019210 QEC Staff Housing RenovationsCambridge Bay, NU2020-05-08
QEC RFT 2019212 Renovations to Building 672 - 6-Plex Row HouseIqaluit, NU2020-05-07
QEC RFT 2019225 LED Lights SealiftSte Catherines, Valleyfield, QC2020-05-07
251789-2 Medical SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-07
RFT 200551 Tools/Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-07
RFT 200608 Vehicles SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-07
RFT 262903 Plumbing partsValleyfield, QC2020-05-06
RFT 154150 205L Drums of Jet ASte Catherines, QC2020-05-06
113098 BooksWinnipeg, MB2020-05-06
262902 Copper PipesValleyfield, QC2020-05-06
RFT 292069 Batteries, Hand sanitizers and cleaning suppliesValleyfield, QC2020-05-06
For further contract award history information, please reference our Contract Reporting Database at the following link: