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Tender documents and Request for Proposal (RFP) documents can now be downloaded from this site. This will allow Vendors to access Requests for Tenders / Proposals at their convenience.

First locate the Tender/RFP that is required. Click on the "Reference" number. This will take you to a "Registration" page. By completing the Registration page, your organization will receive, automatically, electronic notices of when Addendums that are issued for that specific Tender/RFP. Once you complete the Registration information, you will be able to download the Tender/RFP document. Vendors will normally only have to register once as the system will store vendors email address. When a system notice of an Addendum is received, vendors must go back to the web site and download the Addendum for the specific Tender/RFP.

If Vendors experience any difficulties with downloading Tenders/RFP's, please feel free to contact the "Contact Person" indicated for the Tender/RFP listing.

Online Bids are now accepted for many tenders.

NNI – The Government of Nunavut NNI regulations (NNI – Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti) is applied to all competitive procurement processes. Contractors responding to Tenders or Proposals from this site should make themselves familiar with NNI at the following web link.

Procurement documents can be made available, upon request, in any of the 4 official languages (Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, French), of Nunavut.

CAUTION: This Tender/RFP Notification List is to provide interested businesses an opportunity to freely access tender information easily, and quickly. Users reading and using information on this list may do so at their own risk. The Government of Nunavut does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness of the information included therein. This list consists of those Tenders/RFPs that were reported to the Department of Community & Government Services, and may not be a complete list of all Government of Nunavut Tenders/RFPs. Closing dates are subject to change, and in the event that a discrepancy exists between information displayed on this list and the Tender/RFP document, the document shall govern.

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To download document and addendums of a RFP/Tenders item, click the Ref # of that Item.

The following is a list of RFTs/RFPs that are currently open

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And TimeElectronic Bid Submission
RFP 2024-56 Architectural & Engineering Services for a Deep-Sea Port WarehouseIqaluit, NU2024-07-17Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 317360 Ultra Sound Wedge Ottawa, ON2024-07-17Samuel Oladimeji867-975-5422 15:00 ET Submit
332320 HP Printers and CartridgesOttawa, ON2024-07-16Matthew Amarualik867-975-5363 14:00 ET Submit
RFT 327197 MonitorsOttawa, ON2024-07-15Malcolm Guri867-975-5486 16:00 ET Submit
NHC RFP 110002929 Cloud Based Property Management Software for Public Housing and Staff Housing PortfoliosNunavut2024-07-15Sam Tilley867-975-7249 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 283229-1 Air Conditioning system IqaluitOttawa, ON2024-07-12Samasuni Fortin867-975-5438 10:00 ET Submit
RFT 283229-2 Air Conditioning system Rankin InletWinnipeg, MB2024-07-12Samasuni Fortin867-975-5438 10:00 ET Submit
RFT 283229-3 Air Conditioning system ArviatWinnipeg, MB2024-07-12Samasuni Fortin867-975-5438 10:00 ET Submit
RFT CT2024-15 Fuel Tank Replacement, Health CentreQikiqtarjuaq, NU2024-07-12Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 309310 Book Order Baker LakeWinnipeg, MB2024-07-12Samasuni Fortin867-975-5438 10:00 ET Submit
342295 RAE Gas MonitorOttawa, ON2024-07-12Matthew Amarualik867-975-5363 14:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-53 Security Services, Nunavut Legislative Assembly, Iqaluit, NUIqaluit, NU2024-07-11Rick Roberts867-975-6433 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 293194 Nunavut FlagsOttawa, ON2024-07-10Joey Ford867-975-5468 14:00 ET Submit
MCW-18365-10-B03 MCW / Nunavut Energy Management Program; Removable Valve Covers; (Tender proposal through MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd.) Baffin, NU2024-07-10Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 ET Submit
RFT CT2024-14 Boiler Replacement, Old Air Terminal BuildingIqaluit, NU2024-07-10Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-52 Workplace Health and Safety Training and certification Services Nunavut2024-07-09Solomon Jatto867-975-6408 17:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2024069 QEEC RFT 2024069 Quatrex BagsIqaluit, NU2024-07-06Siobhan Iksiktaaryuk867-793-4212 14:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2024070 QEC RFT 2024070 PanelView Plus 7Iqaluit, NU2024-07-06Siobhan Iksiktaaryuk867-793-4212 14:00 ET Submit
RFT 274857 Hotel Booking and Catering Cambridge Bay, NU2024-07-04Samuel Oladimeji867-975-5422 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 274889 Hotel Booking and CateringIqaluit, NU2024-07-04Samuel Oladimeji867-975-5422 15:00 ET Submit
RFT 147619 OFFICE SUPPLYIqaluit, NU2024-07-02Solomon Jatto867-975-6408 16:00 ET Submit
NHC RFP 110002893 Pre-Qualification for Modular Homes Master Supply AgreementNunavut2024-06-28Eetuk Groves867-975-7230 15:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-50 Organizational Design and Change Management Services (Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs)Nunavut2024-06-28Oluseyi Osundeko867-975-5328 16:00 ET Submit
NHC RFT 110002899 Supply of FurnitureIqaluit, NU2024-06-28Maria Gumban867-975-7207 15:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-49 Group Home ServicesChesterfield Inlet, NU2024-06-25Matthew Amarualik867-975-5363 16:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-51 High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor Systems Technical Support & Maintenance ServicesNunavut2024-06-24Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 ET Submit
QEC 2024065 BTU MetersIqaluit, NU2024-06-21Francis Iyago867-793-4234 14:00 ET Submit
RFP 2023-56 LIBRARY MATERIAL PURCHASING SERVICES, BAKER LAKE, NUBaker Lake, NU2024-06-18Sadeeq Yussuf867-975-6443 17:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-48 Business Case, Water Treatment Infrastructure, Clyde RiverClyde River, NU2024-06-14Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-44 Nunavut Collections & Archival Management SystemIqaluit, NU2024-06-12Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFSO #2022118-24 Request for Standing Offer Agreements for Professional Technical Support Services and Supply of Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts for Diesel Generator Power Systems Maintenance Nunavut2024-06-11Victoria Taylor867-222-5433 14:00 ET Submit
RFP 2024-46 Commissioning Agent for Long Term Care FacilityCambridge Bay, NU2024-06-07Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFP 2023198 DESIGN - BUILD OF NEW POWER PLANT GJOA HAVEN, NUNAVUTGjoa Haven, NU2024-05-15Lawrence Ibeleme867-979-7550 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFP 2023197 Design-Build New Power PlantIgloolik, NU2024-04-15Lawrence Ibeleme867-979-7550 16:00 ET Submit

The following is a list of unawarded RFTs/RFPs with information notices

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And Time
MC243565 As & When Snow Removal-GN FacilitiesRankin Inlet, NU2024-06-17Don Galloway867-975-6846 14:00 ET
MC243578 As & When Snow Removal-Men's Correctional Healing FacilityRankin Inlet, NU2024-06-17Don Galloway867-975-6846 14:00 ET
RFP 2024-34-1 Tobacco and Cannabis Support Quitline Services in Nunavut, Re-issuedNunavut2024-06-05Natasha Sheaves867-975-5428 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-42 Organizational Design - Phase 2 (Community Government Services, Economic Development & Transportation and Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs)Iqaluit, NU2024-05-30Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-38 Nunavut Home and Community Care Program ReviewNunavut2024-05-27Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-43 Site Investigation Services-Arviat, NUArviat, NU2024-05-24Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-41 Business Case, Water Treatment Infrastructure, Coral Harbour, NUCoral Harbour, NU2024-05-16Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-39 Engineering, Inspection, Design & Certification Services GN Bulk Fuel Storage Facilities, Equipment & Related Infrastructure Standing Offer AgreementNunavut2024-05-09Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
QEC 2023151 Inventory of Residential Units to Lease as Staff HousingIqaluit, NU2024-05-07Victoria Taylor/Lawrence Ibeleme867-222-5433 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-29 As & When Fuel Sample Analysis & ReportingNunavut2024-04-29Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
QEC RFSO #2022113-24 Request for Standing Offers for Facilities ManagementNunavut2024-04-22Victoria Taylor867-222-5433 14:00 ET
QEC RFSO #2022116-24 Request for Standing Offers for Professional Engineering ServicesNunavut2024-04-22Victoria Taylor867-222-5433 14:00 ET
QEC 2023209 Power Plant Hazardous Waste Product Removal in all communities in the Territory of NunavutNunavut2024-04-12Victoria Taylor867-222-5433 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-25 Office Space, Rankin InletRankin Inlet, NU2024-03-27Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-26 Warehouse Space Rankin InletRankin Inlet, NU2024-03-27Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 ET
RFT 312804 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIESKinngait, NU2024-03-16Samuel Oladimeji867-975-5422 17:00 ET
QEC 2023184 Design-Build New Power PlantCambridge Bay, NU2024-03-13Victoria Taylor867-222-5433 16:00 ET
RFP 2024-22 Medical Boarding Home, Ottawa, Ontario, Facilities and OperatorIqaluit, NU2024-03-06Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 ET

The following contracts have been awarded in the past month:     (see last 5 years of history)

Ref NumberDescriptionFOB Point Or LocationAward Date
NHC RFT 560000288 Float Switches Materials (Airlift to Pond)Pond Inlet, NU2024-07-15
RFT-550000483 2024-2025 M&I 6525-320-001; Replace Exterior Stairs & Landing - 3 unitsRankin Inlet, NU2024-07-15
RFT-550000517 2024-2025 M&I 6525-320-005 Material Supply - Rankin InletRankin Inlet, NU2024-07-15
QEC 2023194 Emergency Generator ConnectionCoral Harbour, NU2024-07-12
CH 005658 Aircraft chart to Pond Inlet from Iqaluit and return.Nunavut2024-07-12
CH 008567 Aircraft charter from Resolute Bay to Grise Fiord and return.Nunavut2024-07-12
CH 4125 Aircraft charter from Iqaluit to Resolute Bay and return.Nunavut2024-07-12
RFP 2022-77 Specialized Group Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Iqaluit NUIqaluit, NU2024-07-10
RFT 248189 Cell PhoneIqaluit, NU2024-07-10
RFT 250444 Office Desk & PedestalOttawa, ON2024-07-10
RFT 287276 Equipment IqaluitOttawa, ON2024-07-05
CT2024-11 Garage Rehabilitation and AdditionKinngait, NU2024-07-04
RFT 261295 Armstrong Replacement MotorWinnipeg, MB2024-07-03
274760 Hotel Room and Conference Room RentalsIqaluit, NU2024-07-02
RFT 327187 DesktopsOttawa, ON2024-06-28
RFT 298359 Single Axle 4x4 Plow Truck Gjoa HavenSte Catherines, QC2024-06-27
QEC RFT 2024011 CAT Filters - Sealift 2024Becancour, Ste Catherines, QC2024-06-27
NHC RFT 110002812 SH Material List for KimmirutKimmirut, NU2024-06-26
NHC RFT 110001113 AS & WHEN Staff Housing Agent/MaintenanceBaker Lake, NU2024-06-25
CT2024-08 Re-Roofing of Nunavut Arctic College Adult Education CentreResolute Bay, NU2024-06-25
RFT 258186-2 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Becancour, QC2024-06-25
332009-2 Medical Supplies Becancour, QC2024-06-24
282909 Maintenance SuppliesBecancour, QC2024-06-24
RFT 334154 Cleaning Supplies Becancour, QC2024-06-24
RFT 261284 EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES Winnipeg, MB2024-06-23
RFT 258186-3 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Becancour, QC2024-06-22
RFT 258186-4 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Becancour, QC2024-06-22
RFT 258186-1 EQUIPMENR SUPPLIES Becancour, QC2024-06-22
RFP 2024-07 Architectural & Engineering Services for Water Treatment FacilitySanikiluaq, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002811 Material list for SanikiluaqSanikiluaq, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002813 SH Material List for IgloolikIgloolik, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002814 SH Material List for SanirajakSanirajak, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002815 SH Material List for Pond InletPond Inlet, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002827 SH Material List for Gjoa HavenGjoa Haven, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002828 SH Material List for KugluktukKugluktuk, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002829 SH Material List for KugaarukKugaaruk, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002830 SH Material List for Clyde RiverClyde River, NU2024-06-21
NHC RFT 110002831 SH Material List for Grise FiordGrise Fiord, NU2024-06-21
NHc RFT 110002835 SH Material List for Resolute BayResolute Bay, NU2024-06-21
RFT 327189 LCD ProjectorsOttawa, ON2024-06-21
RFT 261291 Water Filters ArviatBecancour, QC2024-06-20
QEC RFT 2023192 QEC RFT 2023192 Electrical ComponentsIqaluit, NU2024-06-19
QEC RFT 2023201 QEC RFT 2023201 Materials SealiftRankin Inlet, NU2024-06-19
SCSR-258167-1 As & When Snow Clearing, GN FacilitiesGjoa Haven, NU2024-06-18
RFT 342318 Equipment and Supplies PangnirtungBecancour, QC2024-06-17
NHC RFT 560000285 Material List for IHA - IqaluitIqaluit, NU2024-06-17
307152-1 Office Supplies Becancour, QC2024-06-17
CH 006753 Fixed Wing Aircraft Charter Services for Muskox Abundance Survey.Nunavut2024-06-17
For further contract award history information, please reference our Contract Reporting Database at the following link: