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Tender documents and Request for Proposal (RFP) documents can now be downloaded from this site. This will allow Vendors to access Requests for Tenders / Proposals at their convenience.

First locate the Tender/RFP that is required. Click on the "Reference" number. This will take you to a "Registration" page. By completing the Registration page, your organization will receive, automatically, electronic notices of when Addendums that are issued for that specific Tender/RFP. Once you complete the Registration information, you will be able to download the Tender/RFP document. Vendors will normally only have to register once as the system will store vendors email address. When a system notice of an Addendum is received, vendors must go back to the web site and download the Addendum for the specific Tender/RFP.

If Vendors experience any difficulties with downloading Tenders/RFP's, please feel free to contact the "Contact Person" indicated for the Tender/RFP listing.

Online Bids are now accepted for many tenders.

NNI – The Government of Nunavut NNI regulations (NNI – Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti) is applied to all competitive procurement processes. Contractors responding to Tenders or Proposals from this site should make themselves familiar with NNI at the following web link.

Procurement documents can be made available, upon request, in any of the 4 official languages (Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, French), of Nunavut.

CAUTION: This Tender/RFP Notification List is to provide interested businesses an opportunity to freely access tender information easily, and quickly. Users reading and using information on this list may do so at their own risk. The Government of Nunavut does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness of the information included therein. This list consists of those Tenders/RFPs that were reported to the Department of Community & Government Services, and may not be a complete list of all Government of Nunavut Tenders/RFPs. Closing dates are subject to change, and in the event that a discrepancy exists between information displayed on this list and the Tender/RFP document, the document shall govern.

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To download document and addendums of a RFP/Tenders item, click the Ref # of that Item.

The following is a list of RFTs/RFPs that are currently open

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And TimeElectronic Bid Submission
RFP 2023-27 SOA for Independent Medical Evaluation ServicesNunavut2023-09-20Sadeeq Yussuf867-975-6443 16:00 ET Submit
RFT 206201 Team Nunavut Pullovers with Embroidered LogosWinnipeg, MB2023-09-19Malcolm Guri867-975-5486 16:00 ET Submit
NHC RFP 110002351 SOA NUNAVUT 3000 Project SupportNunavut2023-09-14Maria Gumban867-975-7207 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2023097 QEC RFT 203097 Integrify Intranet Development 3-year TermBaker Lake, NU2023-09-12Siobhan Iksiktaaryuk867-793-4212 14:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2023082 QEC RFT 2023082 G3 SensorsCambridge Bay, NU2023-09-12Siobhan Iksiktaaryuk867-793-4212 14:00 ET Submit
NHC RFT 110002337 Demolition & Disposal of SH Buildings 536,538 & 540Iqaluit, NU2023-09-08Maria Gumban867-975-7207 15:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2023092 QEC RFT 2023092 Veeam RenewalBaker Lake, NU2023-09-06Siobhan Iksiktaaryuk867-793-4212 14:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2023050 Emergency Generator Set InstallationCoral Harbour, NU2023-08-30Lawrence Ibeleme867-979-7550 16:00 ET Submit
CT2023-29 Fire Alarm System Replacement, MUI SchoolRankin Inlet, NU2023-08-29Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2023074 Sanikiluaq Transformers Upgrade Sanikiluaq, NU2023-08-23Lawrence Ibeleme867-979-7550 16:00 ET Submit
QEC RFT 2023049 Emergency Generator Set InstallationGrise Fiord, NU2023-08-10Lawrence Ibeleme867-979-7550 16:00 ET Submit
CT2023-28 GN Office Building Tenant ImprovementsBaker Lake, NU2023-08-08Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET Submit
RFP 2023-52 Review of Bilingual Education ModelsIqaluit, NU2023-08-04Samasuni Fortin867-975-5438 10:00 ET Submit
RFP 2023-51 Assessment of Language of Instructions ImplementationIqaluit, NU2023-08-04Samasuni Fortin867-975-5438 10:00 ET Submit
RFP 2023-28 Medical Boarding Home, Yellowknife, NT Facilities & OperatorYellowknife, NT2023-07-11Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 ET Submit
RFP 2023-43 Long-Term Care Centre OperatorRankin Inlet, NU2023-06-22Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 ET Submit

The following is a list of unawarded RFTs/RFPs with information notices

Ref#DescriptionFOB Point Or LocationIssued DateContact PersonPhone Number and/or EmailClosing Date And Time
RFP 2023-49-1 Bleed Water Optimization Study, Plan & Implementation Resolute Bay, NU2023-08-25Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
SCSR-258070 As & When Snow Removal-GN FacilitiesCambridge Bay, NU2023-08-25Don Galloway867-975-6846 14:00 ET
SCSR-258107 As & When Snow Removal-GN FacilitiesKugluktuk, NU2023-08-25Don Galloway867-975-6846 14:00 ET
SCSR-258167 As & When Snow Removal-GN FacilitiesGjoa Haven, NU2023-08-25Don Galloway867-975-6846 14:00 ET
KTFP-258120 Annual Fire Panel Certification, Inspection & RepairKitikmeot, NU2023-08-07Don Galloway867-975-6846 14:00 ET
RFP 2023-30 Standing Offer Agreement - HR Recruiting ServicesIqaluit, NU2023-07-19Peter Mask975-6447 16:00 ET
CT2023-25 Construction of Phase 2B of the Rankin Inlet Utilidor UpgradesRankin Inlet, NU2023-07-13Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
SCHTG-258110 As & When Heating under 750KWKitikmeot, NU2023-07-13Maggie Nowdlak867-975-5443 16:00 ET
CT2023-24 Leo Ussak School Flooring ReplacementRankin Inlet, NU2023-07-11Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
RFP 2023-32 Architectural & Engineering Services for Marine InfrastructureQikiqtarjuaq, NU2023-06-02Don Galloway867-975-6846 16:00 ET
RFP 2023-26 District Education Authority Audits (3 years)Nunavut2023-05-11Mark McCulloch867-975-5427 16:00 ET

The following contracts have been awarded in the past month:     (see last 5 years of history)

Ref NumberDescriptionFOB Point Or LocationAward Date
RFP 2023-11 NIHB Vision Care Services, Eye Exams & EyeglassesNunavut2023-10-01
QEC RFT 2023058 QEC RFT 2023058 Tool and SuppliesCambridge Bay, NU2023-09-19
CH 2369 Aircraft charter from Iqaluit to Kimmirut and returnIqaluit, NU2023-09-15
CH 294271 Aircraft charter from Kugluktuk to Churchill via Cambridge BayKugluktuk, NU2023-09-15
CH 294272-1 Aircraft charter from various Nunavut communities to Churchill and returnNunavut2023-09-15
RFP 2023-54 Operations Management Consulting, Team Nunavut, 2024 Winter GamesNunavut2023-09-13
RFT 320289 Medical SuppliesOttawa, ON2023-09-13
RFT 324081-1 Medical SuppliesEdmonton, AB2023-09-12
QEC RFT 2022174 Audiometric Testing & Custom Molded Hearing Protection DeviceCambridge Bay, Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, NU2023-09-12
325607 Janitorial Services Building 959 A, B & C Nunavut Research InstituteIqaluit, NU2023-09-12
325607-1 Janitorial Services Nunatta CampusIqaluit, NU2023-09-12
RFT 314669 As & When Sprinkler Inspections & MaintenanceBaffin, NU2023-09-11
RFT 327097 Desktop ComputersOttawa, ON2023-09-08
RFT 206199 Imprinted Backpacks For Team NunavutBaker Lake, NU2023-09-08
RFT 309283 Book order and MARC recordsWinnipeg, MB2023-09-08
312898-1 As & When Heating Over 750kwIqaluit, NU2023-09-08
CT2023-27 Airside Surfaces RehabilitationWhale Cove, NU2023-09-08
QEC RFT 2023057 QEC RFT 2023057 Safe Flex FlangesCambridge Bay, NU2023-09-07
MC235280-3 As & When Snow RemovalChesterfield Inlet, NU2023-09-06
CH 4551 Aircraft charter from Iqaluit to Coral Harbour via Rankin Inlet and returnIqaluit, NU2023-09-05
QEC RFT 2023052 7 kW Diesel GeneratorsCambridge Bay, Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, NU2023-09-05
RFT 327098 Toner and Kits IqaluitOttawa, ON2023-09-05
SCVM-258102 As & When Vehicle Inspections & MaintenanceKugluktuk, NU2023-08-31
QEC RFT 2023059 QEC RFT 2023059 Electrical PartsWhale Cove, NU2023-08-31
CH 294270 Aircraft charter from various Nunavut communities to Cambridge Bay and returnNunavut2023-08-31
RFT 332800 Furniture PangnirtungOttawa, ON2023-08-30
RFT-550000447 2023-2024 M&I 7124-320-001; Unit Renovations - 1 unitRankin Inlet, NU2023-08-30
RFT 327089 Lockable Device Charger Cart Ottawa, ON2023-08-28
RFP 2023-01 Security Services for 13 Nunavut Health CentresNunavut2023-08-25
RFP 2023-49 Bleed Water Optimization Study, Plan & ImplementationResolute Bay, NU2023-08-24
RFT 314605 As & When Electrical Inspections & Maintenance Baffin, NU2023-08-24
CH 294269 Aircraft charter to Churchill, MB from various communities and return.Nunavut2023-08-24
CH 005800 Arctic Winter Games charter to Anchorage, AlaskaNunavut2023-08-23
RFP2023-29 Standing Offer Agreement-Duct Cleaning & MaintenanceNunavut2023-08-23
CH 009306 Transport passengers to all Nunavut communitiesNunavut2023-08-22
CH 294273 Aircraft charter from Kugluktuk to Cambridge Bay and returnKugluktuk, NU2023-08-22
For further contract award history information, please reference our Contract Reporting Database at the following link: