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This is a listing of all contracts awarded and recorded using this website. The history begins in 2009, and up to 5 years of history will be displayed here. Click the column headers to sort the list by each column. Use the page controls at the bottom to move between pages of data.

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Ref NumberDescriptionFOB Point Or LocationAward Date
RFT 184792 CondomsOttawa, ON2020-08-10
RFT 560000131 Exterior Stain of Elders Buidling Iqaluit, NU2020-08-07
RFT 560000133 Furnace and Hot Water ReplacementsIqaluit, NU2020-08-07
RFT 56000129 Grading & Fill for Beachrow Parking AreasIqaluit, NU2020-08-07
268153 Ecolab productsValleyfield, QC2020-08-07
QEC RFT 2020069 Commercial BoilerValleyfield, QC2020-08-07
RFP 2020-46 Business Case for a New Nunavut Recovery CentreIqaluit, NU2020-08-06
RFT 281873 Webcam & HeadsetOttawa, ON2020-08-06
280875 HPSA Test KitsWinnipeg, MB2020-08-05
281882 Batteries Winnipeg, MB2020-08-04
CH 1545 Aircraft Charter to Pond Inlet from Iqaluit and ReturnNunavut2020-08-04
QEC RFT 2020061 12V32 PanelViewIqaluit, NU2020-08-04
QEC RFT 2020064 Adobe Renewal Iqaluit, NU2020-08-04
RFT 154149 Spill Containment BermOttawa, ON2020-08-04
RFT AC 110000845 Air Charter Baffin Tour for Senior ManagementNunavut2020-08-04
RFT 295727 Prominent Chemical PumpWinnipeg, MB2020-07-31
RFT 294176 Maintenance SuppliesValleyfield, QC2020-07-31
MC203519-1 As & When Carpentry and Painting Services - Re-IssuedBaker Lake, NU2020-07-30
CH 4510 Aircraft Charter to Coral Harbour from Iqaluit via Rankin Inlet and ReturnNunavut2020-07-30
RFT 295715 Fuel Pump, Valves and NozzlesValleyfield, QC2020-07-29
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